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CFCL’s Business Financing Group is a finance consultancy specializing in providing financial solutions to small and medium-size businesses (SMBs). Our focus is on understanding your business financing needs and managing the details so that your business is able to achieve its goals and not be derailed by the numerous issues that can stop cash flow and capital procurement in its tracks. Quite simply we work with you to determine the right financial product for your business, and then arrange the funding for you.





We provide financing solutions to businesses for acquisition, expansion, cash flow, development, investment, or operational efficiency. We open doors to financing that is not offered by banks thereby increasing your options and providing the flexibility you require operating your business effectively.We typically work on financing requirements from $100,000 to $5,000,000. You save time by having your financing directed to the most appropriate funding source. You are not limited to one funding source. A bank has one program; but by having access to a CFCL Business Finance Consultant you have access to hundreds of funding sources across Canada.

CFCL takes time to understand and carefully analyze your business, as well as its needs. We will assist in the preparation of your business plan, to ensure it includes all the necessary information that a lender would require. We will complete a package and present it to one of the various lenders/ investors that we feel will best compliment your organization.

Our Services
Business Start-up and Expansion Loans
Canada Small Business Financing Loans (Government Guaranteed)
Commercial Mortgage Loans/ Land & Building Financing
Commercial Equipment Leasing/ Lease Financing
Debt Re-structuring
Franchise Financing
Professional Practice Financing
Working Capital Financing / Operating Line of Credit
Business Advice and Consulting

Our Fee
We don’t get paid until you get funded...Guaranteed!

Because our services are 100% performance based and risk free, we only earn a fee if we arrange the financing we have discussed with you. We engage with our clients on a retainer basis which would be refunded if we do not perform (which happens very seldom). And, for that reason we only consider engagements that we anticipate closing, thus not wasting your valuable time, when it’s of essence.

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- Need the capital to start your business?
- Are you looking to expand your business?
- Struggling to get a business loan from your bank?
- Your loan proposal got rejected by the bank?
- Tired of paying too much interest on your existing borrowings?
- Is lack of financing killing your Start-up plans?

That’s where we can help you!
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